Holding "Asia" is a conglomerate of several companies. We are based in the city of Aktobe and have been operating for over 15 years.

Company profile: Expertise, declarations and training in the field of industrial safety; Software engineering, Instrumentation and Control systems, Measurement and Regulation systems, Robotics; Recycling various types of waste; Conducting activities, presentations, and various public and charitable events.

We use advanced technology and operate within a framework of international standards. Our specialists are ready to offer your company high quality services tp meet specific needs of your business. We value our partners and are always ready for new cooperation.






Units of equipment


Years on the market


Our specialists are ready to offer high quality services to meet the specific needs of your business.

Full range of construction and installation work

Our construction division carries out work on the construction of industrial and civil buildings and facilities, including:

  • Schools, colleges, institutions of higher education.
  • Hotels, hospitals and clinics, shopping mall.
  • Sports complexes, housing construction, construction of administrative buildings.
  • Road construction, metal constructions of any complexity, all kinds of engineering networks and communications.

Industrial safety

Creating solutions in the field of industrial safety requires a comprehensive approach

Our specialists carry out work to ensure industrial safety in various industries such as: petrochemical, mining, oil and gas production and others. And also, training, retraining of specialists and workers in the field of industrial safety.

Collection and recycling of various types of household and industrial waste

Our company is engaged in the recycling of various types of waste, namely:

  • Oil sludge, drilling waste, drilling waste water.
  • Liquid and solid industrial waste.
  • Utilization of oil-contaminated soil, construction waste, rubber.
  • Rags, scrap metal and other industrial waste.

Organization of social and cultural events

We provide assistance in the development of state programs, conduct and support of any community service activity

Our range of objectives includes conducting and supporting any community service activities, campaigns, presentations, projects, as well as development and implementation of our own targeted programs.

Our strengths

Integrity and quality

Our services are provided in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the EAEU. The quality of our services is guaranteed by our testing facilities and professional experts.

International Standards

Our companies implements and maintain a quality management system that complies with international standards ISO 9001 and environmental standards.

Approach to client

We guarantee the allocation of highly qualified specialist to create solutions and to plan their implementation.

Qualified specialists

Our employs are highly qualified professionals who are technically competent in their fields.